Thursday, August 31, 2006

Saying Good-bye

It's difficult to say good-bye to friends, but even more so when there are small children involved. Three and a half months is not a long time in the span of a lifetime, but when it's the difference of six months old and ten months old, that means missing out on a lot of goings-on!

Here is the son of my dear friends, Sarah and Mike: little Alex, whom I have had the honor of spending time with at least once a week this summer. I wish I could take everyone with me whenever I leave.

I'm always leaving, it seems.

The funny thing is that there are babies where I am going, as well. I miss home already and do not want to begin the drive tomorrow, but I know it will be difficult to leave Connecticut again when that time comes. I will miss the children that I babysit and play with and spend family dinners with. It happens that I tend to build my nest wherever I land, but soon it's time to fly again.

Over farewell dinners this past week with friends, I realized how transient this time of life is. I'm mobile; I can visit people on my way across country. There is nothing necessary or definite about where I will be living at this time next year. But right now, I have the privelege of being with close friends for extended periods of time. I should be grateful for my flexibility, because when you combine that with a motorized vehicle, great things happen.

Christ was 30 years old when He began His public ministry, and I'm sure He was not complaining before that time about His situation. He was not concerned about whether the Father was calling Him, or how He would know for sure what He was supposed to do. Even in this way, He is an example for us. Do not worry about what the future holds, for we know Who holds the future.

And on that note, I'm off again: Connecticut-bound!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another Summit

Here I am, surrounded by members of Erin's family, at the top of another mountain in Colorado!

The summit shot for Grays Peak (14,270 feet) displays the sky behind as deceptively clear. During the course of our hike, everything from rain to snow to hail fell, and fog continually drifted around us. We learned to be quick on the draw with our cameras, since minutes after a photo-op sighting, views would be engulfed in white clouds (see below).

Although freezing cold--literally!--we had a great time together, and completed the ascent and descent in less than 6 hours.

I was able to make it back home for a shower before work at the coffee shop last night, which was definitely a plus.

I've discovered that slightly overcast days for hiking are my favorite, since I tend to squint a lot in the sun, and end up giving myself a headache. It's also nice not to be dripping with sweat while enjoying the cool breezes at the top of a mountain!

So out of 54 fourteeners in the state of Colorado, I've now climbed five. Woopie. No plans to conquer them all, mind you. But it's fun to keep a check-list!

This is my last weekend in Colorado for the summer, and I'm convinced that climbing a mountain was the perfect activity for a final hurrah.

The good news is that Erin's family will be renting a condo in that area again over Christmas break, when it will be ski season! So of course, the hope is that I will be back there again in just about 4 months =) ....

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bear Peak

This one was only eight thousand - something in elevation, but it was described as one of the most "prominent peaks" in Boulder, Colorado.

I hiked this one with my latest "married friends" couple, Erin and Bryce.

We hiked there Saturday because the weather deterred us from tackling a fourteener.

There were signs all along the trail warning that the area was popular among black bears, but unfortunately, we saw none.

Come weather or will, we are climbing a fourteener this coming weekend, called Grays Peak. And it will be quite a crowd on the expedition: 7 of us in all. So I hope we summit, and then I can have an even 5 bagged before my return to Connecticut in a few weeks!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Site of the week:

Go here for a quick but humbling read, as well as a request for any assistance you can give. The letter at this site is from a college friend who is hoping to enter a fantastic religious order this fall.
Please take a moment and pray for continued grace for him during his discernment at the novitiate.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Playing with Babies...

Besides clinical work, that's what I'm doing these days... Alissa's little Johnny is definitely happy here (he's smiling on the inside!).

I've been able to see this handsome boy several times this summer, driving up for Sunday Mass in Denver when I'm able.

Pictures of other friends' little ones definitely will appear throughout the rest of the summer!