Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Perfect Rainy Day

It's been raining rather steadily the past two days. I've quickly learned what makes a rainy day not only survivable, but truly enjoyable, inside our cozy bungalow.

"Willie Nelson For Kids" drowsily playing on the CD player. Repeatedly.

Reading "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" a ka-jillion times.

In keeping with the theme of our reading material, making gingerbread pancakes for after-nap snack time.

With real maple syrup.

Speaking of naps, long naps--almost two hours--make a rainy day even better!!

Catching up on laundry.

And dusting.

And cleaning the refrigerator.

Replacing framed pictures with updated prints. So much fun to see new and current faces around the house!

Trying new recipes for dinner.

Not going out grocery shopping.

Watching Tigger tip-toe around the backyard in his boots and fireman raincoat for fifteen minutes before knocking to come back inside.

Drinking hot tea.

Observing playful laughter between two young siblings.

And having the presence of mind, as well as the camera on-hand, to record such encounters:


Anonymous said...

So cute!! I was laughing along with them!!! Looks like she wants to sit up by herself!!!

Endless Yattering said...

Those laughs would launch a MILLION ships! (love the pillow fight attempt...maybe when Baby Girl is bigger, Tig...