Friday, July 01, 2011

Mirror of my mind?

What does it say about me as a mother that my son is always singing the alphabet ...but doesn't even try to join in when we pray the Our Father at Mass?

If I begin to recite, "A...B...C..." he'll pick up where I left off. It's fun to listen to what letters he skips. Then as the weeks go by, I start to hear those letters, subtly added into the song. K, Q, and X were especially difficult. But he's begun to say "Tay" after "H,I,J." So it's coming.

He also doesn't know the Hail Mary.

I discussed this with Doo the other night, who assures me that he won't grow up to be heathen. He will learn.

But I still have to reflect on my personal habits, and wonder why the alphabet is more familiar to Tigger than basic prayers.

There's nothing like having a mirror of my shortcomings running around the house.

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